Presentation Skills

How to Communicate Your Value

Are you missing out of opportunities because people don’t understand the value you bring?

Too often people suffer from “the list-maker syndrome.” Instead of talking about results achieved or problems solved, they offer lists of their products, services, and attributes and, in the end, undervalue who they are and what they contribute.

In this lively, interactive workshop, you learn how to move from “list-speak” to” value speak,” to build a strong personal or organizational brand that engages and connects with the people who matter most to your success.

Topics to be covered include:
  • Seeing the World through a Prism of Value®
  • Uncovering Your True Value
  • Understanding the Yin and Yang of Value
  • Translating your Value So Others See and Appreciate It
  • Effective Storytelling and Use of Language
  • Messages that Speak Value
  • Living your Value

Competencies: Message Development, Personal and Organizational Branding
Level: For business and nonprofit professionals at all levels who want to articulate their value more effectively.Basic
Length: Half- and Full-Day Workshops Available

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