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Influence and Persuasion


Influence and Persuasion

Win More Opportunity: Communicate Through the Prism of Value Don’t […]

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Presentation Skills


Presentation Skills

How to Communicate Your Value

Are you missing out […]

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Prism of Value®

Connect, Convince and Influence When It Matters Most

Whether in business or in your personal […]

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Liz Wainger’s entertaining and dynamic presentations leave audiences with strategies that can be implemented immediately […]

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The Team


…that works with clients to reveal their value in an environment
marked by rapid and […]

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1 Thing You Do That Annoys Other People and How to Stop It

The other day, I was having a conversation with a client and made the comment that someone is never too old to be a mentee and never to young to be a mentor. Then I said, “That would make a good tweet,” and tweet I did with some positive response.

The Amazing Cherry Blossoms and Growing a Business

As the cherry blossoms on my street hit their peak a few days ago, it made me think about how similar these beautiful trees are to the businesses we are growing every day.   For more than 50 years, thanks to the civic-minded spirit of my neighborhood’s first residents, these trees have shaded my street.

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6 Ways to Talk Your Way Through Conflict

Turn on any newscast and you have an opportunity to learn how to deal with conflict.  Nothing feels more pressure-filled than being interviewed by a reporter on live television. There are no opportunities for do-overs, and what you say or how you present yourself is on view for millions. 

Don’t Get Stuck in the Hot Seat: Boost Your Presentation Confidence

Many clients have told me that when they make presentations, they feel as though they are facing a pack of lions waiting to pounce on every word.  When observing these leaders in action, the reason becomes clear.  More often than not, the issue is poor communication and presentation savvy. Their demeanor or conduct lacks confidence and conviction.